Benefits of Kranking

Studies have shown that Kranking increases VO2 max and will significantly improve cardiovascular fitness. For the first time you can get a great workout using just your upper body.

Increased Upper-Body Strength

Kranking facilitates muscle growth and increased definition, so participants develop strength while getting a great cardio workout. Get better results with less time at the gym.

Core Strength and Stability

The coordinated series of movements in Kranking cause activation of the core muscles for stabilization, resulting in increased muscle use and improved strength. It develops sculpted arms and tight abs... all without a single crunch or bicep curl.

Weight Management/Weight Loss

The Krankcycle provides greater comfort during exercise to encourage longer duration. Increases muscle density in the upper body improving 24-hour fat oxidation rate.

A New Cross Training Option

Kranking allows athletes to train at a high level and maintain/improve cardio fitness while resting primary muscles (legs) for recovery or while rehabilitating an injury. Variety is the key to safe, successful training.

Kranking Overview

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