The College of Knowledge is the heart and soul of the Kranking program.

The College is a blended learning environment offering education and training that fits not only your schedule but the way you learn best.

For Instructors and Personal Trainers interested in becoming certified Johnny G Kranking® Instructors, the College is the source for finding and registering for the live Kranking Instructor Training workshop, led by a Johnny G College of Knowledge Education Representative.

Does on-line training fit your schedule and learning style more effectively? Our virtual campus offers an on-line quick start course designed to get new users up and running and helps existing trainers and instructors broaden your knowledge base and enrich your teaching toolbox.

In the spirit of Johnny’s vision and philosophy, the College encourages its students, instructors, clubs and enthusiasts alike to belong to the Kranking Community, a network which provides ongoing opportunities for learning, sharing and support.