The Kranking® education platform was designed to help fitness instructors develop and grow as both educators and human beings. Kranking EDU was created to provide a well-rounded fitness education that emphasizes the creativity of the mind and the development of the body — these two concepts not only form the foundation of Kranking, but also the very basis of Johnny’s philosophy towards life.

Every teacher who utilizes the Krankcycle® has the opportunity to impart a feeling of well-being and accomplishment to everyone exposed to Kranking. In order to achieve this, it is important in the beginning to keep the training simple. When a training session is kept simple, it's easier for students to remain present and to take advantage of all the opportunities available to them.  Remember that true inspiration and creativity live in the moment.

The Krankcycle allows us to perform eight basic movements, both standing and sitting. The combinations of movements are called patterns. The number of patterns you can create is practically limitless. Go slow and keep your routines straightforward in the initial phases of instructing. Combinations will evolve, and your delivery will become clear and fluid.