Facility Integration

The Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix is extremely versatile, and can be integrated into your facility in many different ways: Kranking®, Krank Fusion, Krank Express, Krank PT and Krank Boot Camp. With its broad appeal, the Krankcycle is a perfect fit for any facility, of any size, anywhere in the world!

Krankcycle Integration Video

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Place four or more Krankcycles on the gym floor or in a studio to experience Kranking, the most exhilirating and effective way to get fit using your arms.

The Johnny G Energy Training System uses heart rate training principles to provide a well-rounded and complete training program for performing at different levels of intensity to suit individual training goals.

Krank Express

Krank Express is one of the many ways you can utilize the Johnny G Krankcycle by Matrix in your facility. Krank Express is done in a small-group setting on the main cardio floor, making it very visible and highly accessible.

One of the advantages of Krank Express is your instructor or trainer doesn’t need a microphone or studio music; just four Krankcycles® on the gym floor, and you have a fun and effective way to train in just 20 minutes!

Krank Fusion

When you bring the Johnny G Krankcycle® by Matrix into the indoor cycling room and combine an equal number of bikes with an equal number of Krankcycles, you get a comprehensive full-body workout. It’s well balanced, increases strength, improves cardiovascular fitness and incinerates calories.

Krank Fusion will enhance your current programming and bring a whole new audience into your studio.

Krank PT

Personal trainers can use the Krankcycle to work one-on-one with their clients to restore balance and symmetry in the upper body, increase strength and endurance, and effectively manage weight. It doesn’t matter whether your clients are athletes, like boxers, swimmers or triathletes; or general fitness enthusiasts, the actively aging or even clients rehabbing an injury; the Krankcycle complements any existing program and helps clients get the results they
are looking for.

With such a versatile training tool, personal trainers will be able to retain their current clients, attract new ones and enhance the facility’s bottom line.

Krank Boot Camp

Infuse new life into a traditional boot camp format by adding several Krankcycles. With the addition of an upper-body cardio or strength station, participants can perform heavier lower-body exercises for a perfectly balanced total body burn, for both the muscles and the heart.

Kranking Showcases

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