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Krankcycle Integration Video

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Kranking® Express

Krankcycle Express is an effective 20-minute fitness class and can be taught anywhere in the club, with music or without. It provides cardiovascular training, builds upper-body strength, burns calories, and triggers all the core muscles while balancing the right and left side of your body simultaneously. Kranking Express will keep members engaged with a wide variety of movements.

Kranking in a Circuit

The Krankcycle is a great addition to any circuit training program by providing an upper-body cardio station for greater training variety. The Krankcycle can be used as a high-intensity station or as a recovery station.

Krankcycle® Classes

Krankcycle classes offer a wide array of training intensities including: recovery, endurance, strength and power training. Kranking classes can be 20, 40 or 60 minutes in length and should be led by a qualified instructor.

Kranking® and Indoor Cycling Classes

The Krankcycle® can be easily integrated into indoor-cycling classes, enabling members to cross train by performing a segment of the class on the bicycle and a segment on the Krankcycle. This provides a full-body workout and also gives users with disabilities the opportunity to participate in an indoor cycling class.

Kranking Showcases

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