Indoor Cycling Group

Matrix is proud to partner with the industry pioneer, Team ICG®. For two decades, the Indoor Cycling Group has globally motivated, mentored and measured positive change in the lives and rides of the fitness and sporting community. Striving for excellence in indoor cycling has made Indoor Cycling Group (ICG®) the world’s largest corporation specializing in the design, manufacturer and programming of indoor cycling equipment. With more than 250 dedicated staff in Europe, North America and Asia, united they ride as one team – Team ICG®.


Over 322,240 course views tell us that it’s priceless. Team ICG offers a market-leading online continuing education program that is 100% free. Team ICG is passionate and unmovable in its efforts to remove the barriers to a better education for all. These barriers are cost and access. With a program team of education and program directors, international fitness presenters and cycling coaches, every step is taken to advance our education’s quality and value by assuring the highest possible credits are awarded by the world’s leading providers: ACE, AFFA, NSCA, REPs and more.


The value of any product is its ability to drive a positive impact on membership acquisition and retention. To this end, Team ICG master trainers, product specialists and program directors are focused on product-based programming, innovative certifications and practical workshops to enhance knowledge, delivery technique and in-club promotion to maximize commercial success.

Online and Live Certification Courses

ICG Stages
ICG WattRate® Power certification

Online Continuing Education Courses

ICG Coach by Color® Power program
ICG Myride+ Live
ICG Competitive Cycling
ICG Dri Tri
ICG Cyclewell
ICG Aging and Adaption
ICG Stretching
ICG Nutrition
ICG (Cancer) Survivor
ICG Music & Motion
ICG Overtraining
ICG Periodization in Training
ICG Heart Rate Training & Energy Zones
ICG The Ergogenic Effect of Combining Video and Music
ICG Myride+ Coaching

1-Day Workshops

ICG Coach By Color® Power program – Power:Play
ICG Coach By Color® Power program – Power:Drills
ICG Myride+ Live