In order to maximize life span, and minimize down time, all MATRIX equipment requires regular cleaning, and maintenance items performed on a scheduled basis.


Daily Maintenance Items

  • Clean entire machine using water and mild detergent such as dish soap, or other Matrix approved solution (cleaning agents should be alcohol and ammonia free). For weight stack shields use glass cleaner such as “Windex”

Weekly Maintenance Items

  • Visibly inspect belt and cable assemblies for signs of wear – tearing, frayed edges, cracked or missing jacketing. Immediately replace any belt or cable with any apparent damage to it. Any belt replacement must be done using torque specifications below.

Monthly Maintenance Items

  • Clean and lubricate guide rods. Use Teflon based spray lube such as “Super Lube”, or any other Matrix approved lubricant.
  • Check any adjustable seat/pad mechanism for proper locking pin operation, and lubricate sliding mechanism.

Quarterly Maintenance Items

  • Hardware check – using proper tools, insure that all accessible fastener items are securely snug on the equipment.
  • When replacing a belt, or checking bolt tightness on belt clamps, the Matrix torque specifications MUST BE FOLLOWED, NO EXCEPTIONS.