For people just beginning their fitness journey to those who’ve been working out for years, the right guidance is critical for exercisers to make steady progress without getting discouraged or reaching the dreaded plateau.

Personal trainers know better than anyone that each person is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for keeping exercisers on the path to their goals. Some people respond best to a softer touch and positive reinforcement. Others are just the opposite. And then there are those who want to create their own plan. They’re perfectly content to take advantage of new technology, such as virtual coaching or online workout tracking. It all points to the importance of variety.

Fortunately for you and your customers, we provide access to several powerful tools – online and on-site – that can help every type of exerciser succeed. Our goal is to complement the efforts of personal trainers who work in your facility. Because by giving trainers more tools, your customers are more likely to achieve their goals. And when they succeed, we all win.

Myride VX delivers instructor-led classes to HD video and music.
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The Myride VX kiosk helps users reach their goals with instruction to suit all fitness levels.
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Virtual coaching
Matrix Virtual Active workouts include a Guided Workout option in which a trainer appears in the upper left corner, providing instruction and encouragement for more effective workouts. Myride® products also contain several virtual coaching options, including the ability to run classes anytime with a virtual instructor.

Nike + for the gym
Nike+ is one of the largest online fitness communities in the world, tracking users’ running, cardio and other activities. Cardio products with 7xe consoles are equipped to sync with users’ iPod® devices, allowing exercisers to upload workout data to They can then take full advantage of the website’s tools and features, including challenges with other runners, walkers and cardio users.

Open API
Have a great idea for a fitness-related app that would benefit your customers? Our Open API (application programming interface) allows you (or your freelance programmer) to develop online, mobile or hardware applications that work with Matrix equipment in your facility. Imagine using data generated by workouts to help users meet their fitness goals and what that would do to differentiate your facility. That’s mPower at work.