mPower | Motivate


Everyone who enters your doors has a lofty goal they want to achieve. Running that first half-marathon. Taking first place in their triathlon age group. Or simply keeping up with their kids who have boundless energy.

But no matter how strong their desire, they all need motivation. A little push to get them over the hump. On a bad day. Or every day. Some may need a change of scenery to spice up the everyday routine. For others, only the crystal-clear melody of their favorite singer’s voice can push them through their workouts to new personal bests. The latest cute kitten video that’s gone viral. Whatever works.

Though they may not say it, customers come to your facility for motivation as much as for the machines. So turn to us for both. We’ve moved far beyond the proverbial carrot to something just as healthy but sweeter: a fusion of technology, entertainment and Internet access – all right at exercisers’ fingertips. It’s a combination that will keep your customers inspired and coming back to meet their fitness goals.



The beautiful HD footage speeds up or slows down to match your pace, and your resistance or incline rises and lowers to match the terrain. It’s the most immersive workout available.



Matrix is the only commercial cardio equipment that features the Sprint 8 High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout that burns more fat, builds more muscle and develops greater fitness with just three twenty-minute workouts per week.

Internet Connectivity
WiFi-enabled 7xi consoles open up a world of opportunities for your customers. With access to the Web’s most popular social media apps, users will stay engaged, and their workouts will fly by while they access their favorite content and connect with friends and family.

TV Options
Keep users motivated and help them achieve their fitness goals with the Matrix 41-cm / 16-inch attachable viewing screen.

Hotels can sync their entertainment slates so customers experience the same lineups on their cardio equipment as they do in their guest rooms, the lounge or the sports bar. IPTV creates a seamless entertainment experience for guests and affords properties the most control of their offerings.

High-Quality Remote Audio
If your facility utilizes several large, mounted televisions, we can enhance users’ listening experience with our wireless receivers, which deliver excellent sound to ensure a synchronized audio-visual experience for your customers.