What is Kranking?

Upper body rotational exercise isn't new. The first arm-cranking machine was patented 73 years ago, but despite almost 80 years of research on the physiology and effectiveness of this form of exercise, the idea of using the arms for cardio has never caught on.

Why? Because the existing apparatus for this type of exercise, the Upper Body Ergometer (UBE), is viewed as something used for rehabilitation, not exercise. Many feel that performing upper body rotational exercise on a UBE is unexciting and the machine itself uninspiring - consequently, the benefits have gone largely unknown and under-appreciated.

In contrast, the Krankcycle® is beautiful. Kranking is fun, intuitive, and easy to learn. It can be used on the cardio floor, with a Personal Trainer, or in a group setting. Kranking provides unprecedented physiological benefits, and is far more effective than the UBE.

Kranking is the first exercise program to focus on the upper body as a way to build cardio fitness. It represents a new way to build aerobic capacity and upper body strength, burn calories and build core stability. And since it utilizes the upper body instead of the legs, it represents a unique cross-training opportunity for athletes of all types.

How To Video

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The Philosophy of Kranking®

This symbol represents the earth, heaven and mankind and is defined as a philosophical way or path. I have always been passionate about combining the spiritual with the physical to create an athletic mentality that challenges both and creates a journey of self-awareness.