Display Type: 38 cm / 15” touchscreen LCD
Display Feedback: Time Elapsed, Time Remaining, Time of Day, Total Program Time, Total Steps, Calories, Calories per Hour, Average SPM, SPM, Floors Climbed, Heart Rate, METs, Watts, Dynamic Profile Display, Static Profile Display
User-defined Multi-language Display: Yes - English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Arabic
Resistance Levels: 1-25
Workouts: Manual, Training Workouts (Rolling Hills, Interval Training, Calorie Training, Goal Training), Fat Burn, Target HR, Fitness Test (Sub-Maximal Test, WFI Test, CPAT), Constant Watts
CSAFE Ready-FitLinxx™ Certified: Yes
Netpulse Compatible: No
IPTV Compatible: No
FitTouch™ Technology: Yes
Instant On Technology: NA - powered
One-button Start: Yes
On-the-fly Program Change: Yes
Integrated Vista Clear™ Television Technology: Yes
WiFi: Yes
Multimedia Playback: No
iPod® Compatible: Yes
Nike + iPod® Compatible: Yes
Personal Fan: Yes
USB Port: Yes
Virtual Active™ Compatible: Yes
Asset Management Compatible: Yes
mPower Workout Tracking and Fitness Network Compatible: No
Web Connectivity: No
Facility Communication Portal/Calendar: No
Pause Function: Yes
Step Depth: 25.4 cm / 10"
Step Height: 20.31 cm / 8"
Contact & Telemetric HR: Yes
Delineated Steps: Yes
Handlebar Design: Optimized handrails with Ergo Form Grips
Remote Buttons: Yes
Ethernet Port: Yes
Resistance System
Resistance Technology: ECB w/ flywheel
Tech Specs
Power Requirements: 120v / 60Hz AC power
Assembled Dimensions: 165 x 85 x 212 cm / 65" x 33.5" x 83.5"
Max User Weight: 182 kg / 400 lbs.
Assembled Weight: 158 kg / 348 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 167 kg / 368 lbs.
Frame: 7 years
Generator: 5 years
Parts: 3 years CAP
Labor: 3 years CAP
Wear Items (iPod® Cable, USB Port, Headphone Jack, Battery): 90 days parts
C7xe ClimbMill

C7xe ClimbMill

Cardio Product