Color coded pivots & points of adjustment: Yes
User adjustment range: 7 Knee pad positions
Frame finish: Proprietary two-coat powder process
Frame color: Iced Silver
Cable transmission: Internally lubricated cables & fittings
Machine anchoring: Independent machine hold down brackets
Tech Specs
Product Weight: 271 kg / 598 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 300 kg / 662 lbs.
Overall dimensions: 172.4 x 128.5 x 129.6 cm / 67.9" x 50.6" x 51.0"
Rep counter machine usage tracking: Service mode tracks total machine reps and hours of use
Rep counter power supply: 2 AA batteries
Rep counter battery life: Approximately 3 years
Rep counter: Electronic counter displays reps, exercise time and rest time
Personal storage: Dual size bottle holder, tactile storage mat and towel holder
Contoured seat: Yes
Front placards: Muscle call outs, machine specific stretching, start & finish exercise illustrations, proper machine
Rear placards: Color-coded machine identification
Placard color coding: Blue (lower body)
Weight stack guarding: Full front and rear shields
Consistent 52" stack height: Yes
Total stack weight: 109 kg / 240 lbs
Incremental weight system: 2.5 lbs, 5 lbs, 7.5 lbs
Weight plate increments: 10 lbs
Frame (not coatings): 10 years
Weight stacks: 5 years
Pulleys: 5 years
Pivot bearings: 5 years
Other/any items not specified: 3 years
Labor: 3 years
Upholstery/Springs/Grips/Cable: 1 year
Accessories: 6 months
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