Color-coded Points of Adjustment: Yes
Frame & Cables
Frame Color: Iced Silver
Cable Transmission: Steel aircraft cable with nylon coating
Machine Anchoring: Yes
Tech Specs
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 99 x 97 x 150 cm / 39" x 38" x 59"
Shipping Weight: 200 kg / 440 lbs.
User Amenities
Placard: Muscle call-outs, machine-specific stretching, start and finish exercise illustrations, proper machine use
Personal Storage: Bottle holder
Weight Stack
Weight-stack Guarding: Fully enclosed steel shrouds
Increment Weight System: 3 kg / 6 lbs.
Weight-plate Increments: 5 kg / 12 lbs.
Weight Stack: 57 kg / 126 lbs.
Strength Warranty
Frame (not coatings): 10 years
Weight Stack: 5 years
Pulleys: 5 years
Pivotal Bearings: 5 years
Other / Items Not Specified: 3 years
Labor: 3 years
Upholstery / Springs / Grips: 1 year
Accessories: 6 months
Biceps Curl

Biceps Curl

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